Meet our founding members

Take two architects, season them with an technician, home renovation specialist and there you have it: the Szaki Neked team!

For us, handyman work is also our hobby, our passion for DIY is what brought us to this career. Attila, Zsolt and Tomi, the three founding members of Szaki Neked, have been working together for 6 years now, highlighting and complementing each other's strengths.

We undertake orders in and around Budapest,
at a pre-arranged time or even with immediate disembarkation. 
What you can trust us with:

  • in-house works: washing machine/dishwasher connection, boiler installation, kitchen furniture assembly with full mechanization, living 
  • renovation works: bathroom renovation, painting, wallpapering, laminate flooring, parquet sanding, cellar renovation
  • work around the house: lawn aeration, car battery replacement, oil change, tyre change, car care, polishing
  • and many other unique needs that only arise once in a while, you should contact us with any request.


Tomi, 45 years old - Founder, the core of our Szaki team

Since 2010, Tomi has made home renovation a priority: starting with small-scale renovations of terraced houses with various professionals, he has over the years taken on larger and more extensive independent assignments.

Tomi has successfully worked for nationally known singers, artists, politicians and lawyers. Could you be his next satisfied client?

His previous work has also contributed to his competence and wide range of expertise. He gained experience as a telecommunications technician in the telecommunications field and as an IT network engineer in building new networks, maintenance and installation of network equipment. His CV is further enriched by his work as a supervisor for an international air transport company and as a technician installer for an environmental company. Since 2015, he has specialised in the design and on-site implementation of accessibility and infocommunication equipment. It was then that he began his joint career with Zsolt and Attila, whose working relationship dates back even longer. Look for their joint projects and references in the blog so far!

Zsolt, 45 years old - Founder, company manager, administrator, think tank

Zsolt's love of DIY inspired him to create the Szaki Neked team, complementing his career as an architect. He inherited the handyman genes from his two handyman grandfathers and learned everything he could about the trade from them. A true gardener, a handyman who can do any job around the house, he also loves to weld.

Attila, 44 years old - Founder, managing director

Attila is an architect, but his creativity is not only in the design of buildings, he is also an active member of the community as a musician, painter and graphic designer. He also has a special hobby in creating unique objects, especially lamps. Through all of this, he brings a more unique and creative approach to the Szaki Neked team.

What else you need to know about us:

Continuous development, maximum precision and up-to-date knowledge of the latest technologies, procedures and products characterize the Szaki Neked team! Our primary goal is to take the burden off the shoulders of our customers by performing the quality of the work entrusted to us. We are happy with the satisfaction of our customers and we try to be at your disposal in every situations.

Feel free to contact us on weekdays between 08:00-18:00,
even on weekends from 09:00 to 16:00 at the following phone number or via our website!

+36 20 257 0 257

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