Our prices

Our service is hourly. What it means?

It means that it is not the number of tasks we perform that determines our pay, but the time we spend with it. What's more, our hourly rate will be determined to the nearest 10 minutes from the second hour started. So you have to pay a fixed amount of what we actually spent on solving the task. Our exact prices are determined by when you want to use our service and how urgent it is for us to get to you.

We will try to find an appointment for you within a few days, but if you don't have time to wait, we can do it on weekends, or even within 24 hours if you choose Express, immediate arrival!


First started hour: gross HUF 20.000 (VAT included)
From the second hour every 10 minutes: gross HUF 2.500 (HUF 15.000 per hour, VAT included) 

For a two-person team:

First started hour: gross HUF 30.000 (VAT included)
From the second hour every 10 minutes: gross HUF 4.000 (HUF 24.000 per hour, VAT included) 

Express, immediate arrival and weekend:

First started hour: gross HUF 24.000 (VAT included)
From the second hour every 10 minutes: gross HUF 3.000 Ft (HUF 18.000 per hour, VAT included)

For a two-person team:

First started hour: gross HUF 36.000 (VAT included)
From the second hour every 10 minutes: gross HUF 5.000 (HUF 30.000 per hour, VAT included) 

How does our service work?

The first hour fee includes everything we need to get started; tools, supplies, travel, parking, packing the equipment you need and bringing it to you. After that, provided you give us enough work to last more than an hour, we want to be as accurate as possible with our billing, so we charge you every 10 minutes from the second hour.

  • We perform multiple tasks at once

We can do several tasks at once
As you can see, the more tasks you entrust to us, the better you'll get for your money, so don't hold back! Look around your home and see what's waiting for someone to finally have the tools, the time, the inclination, the courage, the expertise. Call us, we'll do it all and you'll never have to think about it again!

  • You can also count on us for material procurement!

If you don't have all the parts for the job at home, and it's not so common things like screws, nails, dowels, glue etc. that we have, you can also leave the material purchase to us, but it's important to know that the time of the purchase is included in the hourly rate, because we save you time and effort by doing the shopping for you.

  • We also provide credit card payment

The easiest way to pay with us is with a card; our specialist will come to you with a card reader, and give you a receipt immediately. If you want an invoice, you will receive it by e-mail after payment.


Feel free to contact us on weekdays between 08:00-18:00,
even on weekends from 09:00 to 16:00 at the following phone number or via our website!

+36 20 257 0 257


"Thank you for the installation work in my apartment. Your colleague arrived on time, carried out his work with precision and great expertise. I would recommend you to future customers on the basis of the work you have done"

Imre, Budapest, 2022.01.05.

"Fast, flexible, creative!"

Adrien, Budapest, 2022.02.02.

"SzakiNeked carried out the installation of the kitchen worktop and the sink connection in the agreed time and according to my requirements. The service from the company was fair and reliable throughout. I would recommend it to everyone."

Ágnes, Budapest, 2022.04.26.

"The specialist arrived at the agreed time. Precise work, excellent problem solving."

Karolina, Budapest, 2022.05.03.

"Fast, accurate and reliable. I can recommend them with confidence."

Dávid, Budapest, 2022.05.06.

"Everything was great and thank you all for your help. In the future, I will not hesitate to use your services again, so once more thank you so much, I am very grateful."

Paul, Budapest, 2022.05.13.

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