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Fast and accurate handyman in and around Budapest

Szaki Neked is here for you, working to keep your home and garden tidy. There is always something to repair, replace or install, but most of the time there is not enough time, energy, courage or desire to do it. However, most professionals are too specialized and busy to do small jobs. But for us, no job is too small, and we'll do all the handyman work for you! You don't have to call several professionals and wait for a long time, so you can get rid of all the stressful work around the house in one go.
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What can you contact us about?

With virtually anything in your home or garden, car that needs repair, replacement or assembly. The handyman service we provide is very complex yet simple. The complexity comes from the fact that if you want us to, for example, we can get you the new equipment in case of a breakdown, of course, after a preliminary on-site inspection to agree exactly what you need. And the simplicity comes from the fact that we can discuss everything in just a few minutes and be at your place to solve the problem within a short time!


Every household has bigger or smaller problems that often do not have the right tools or expertise to solve. In this case, contact us and we'll do it!
Bútor összeszerelés ezermester szolgáltatás keretében

Furniture assembly

Have you bought some new furniture? Or is the old piece in need of repair? Do you want new shelves on the wall? Whatever you want, our handyman colleagues will make it happen! We can also professionally assemble new furniture, replace existing furniture elements, handles, fasteners, and repair loose elements.

Lawn aeration

Lawn aeration is an essential step to maintaining a beautiful green lawn. To use our service, all you need to do is decide which day is suitable and we'll be on our way. We'll completely \"turn your garden upside down\", but trust us, it's worth it!
Gyepszellőztetés és egyéb kerti munka egy ezermester ehhez is ért!
Mosógép bekötése, a SzakiNeked ezermester csapata ezt is megoldja.

Washing machine installation

Whether it's a new or used washing machine, you need to get it set up before you can use it. Our handyman colleagues are also skilled at installing your washing machine, so they can get your new machine up and running in no time!

Socket connecting

Want to make your home safer with new outlets? You can also entrust us with the inspection and replacement of the existing ones and the connection of the new sockets! The handyman service we offer is complete, if necessary, we also procure new fittings.
Ezermester Budapest területén konnektor bekötéséhez és egyéb villanyszerelésekhez.
Ezermester Budapesten és környékén akkumulátor cseréhez is

Battery replacement

Has the battery given up? Isn't the car starting? If battery replacement is unavoidable, call us with confidence. As part of our rescue package, we can get you a new battery if you need one.

Order our service for your home!

Let us know on the phone how we can help you and when it's convenient for you to have our handyman colleague come to you!
Depending on how urgent the problem is, you can request a standard or express arrival. In the latter case, our handyman service will rush to the site and remove the problem immediately! But it is important to know that we can only offer this fast service for a higher fee. If you have time to fix the problem within a few days, you can choose our lower-priced standard service! Our specialists will visit you at a pre-arranged time. In both cases, you can be sure that we will carry out the work with the utmost care and to the highest quality!

We provide everything:
expertise, tools, skills

Megbízható, jól felszerelt ezermester csapat.
Every household has bigger or smaller problems that often do not have the right tools or expertise to solve. For example, if you want to replace an old socket in your home, it's a good idea to have some basic electrical knowledge and a voltage tester. But not everyone has this in their home drawer! There are dozens of tasks around the house like this and more, which a handyman service can provide a professional and precise solution to.

Reliable handyman in and around Budapest

Handyman service
to your home

If you do not have time to learn all the master's professions
Naturally, people are more enthusiastic at the beginning, and they start doing something new and try to solve seemingly small problems themselves. But then it can soon become clear that practice makes perfect and not everything is as simple as it seems. Fortunately, our handyman colleagues with a wealth of experience behind them can provide excellent help, for example in installing a shelf.
If you do not have enough equipment or tools to repair
Creating a practical, all-inclusive toolkit can be space-intensive. In addition, the price of good quality tools can be high, so if you only use them infrequently, it may not be worth it. Some basic tools can of course be found in every home, but most of the time they are not enough for a major repair or installation job. It's in situations like these that you should come to us, because we have all the tools!
If you are too busy to do the work around the house yourself
In addition to the problems mentioned above, working around the house is also time consuming. Fixing a kitchen door that is falling apart after an exhausting day is not exactly the best program. If you don't have the time or the desire to do so, feel free to contact us, we will be happy to do it for you! It's a win-win situation.
If you want to be sure and entrust the work to a professional
Choose us: there are many fast and precise handymen in Budapest and its surroundings at your disposal! All our team members are enthusiastic and dedicated to their field and will not shy away from any task. The tasks entrusted to us are always accurate, precise and fast. It guides us to maximize the satisfaction of our customers, including yours.
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