Gift Coupons

You can give gifts to your relatives, friends and colleagues in Budapest, but even to yourself, as you will save money with it!

Buy now and take advantage of our discounted service - even on weekends!

Coupons purchased in 2022 can be used anytime until 31 December 2022!

Choose a coupon as a gift or even for yourself!

There are four different durations to choose from. (Savings are shown compared to the normal weekday rates, but you can get even more on weekends with the coupon!)

1 hour coupon

HUF 13.000

(HUF 2.000 savings)

voucher C 60

1,5 hour coupon

HUF 18.000

(HUF 3.000 savings)

voucher C 90

2 hour coupon

HUF 23.000

(HUF 4.000 savings)

voucher C 120

3 hour coupon

HUF 34.000

(HUF 5.000 savings)

voucher C 180


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It is important that you buy for a friend or relative living in Budapest, because only then will they be able to redeem the coupon!

With the coupon, we also work on weekends at normal rates!

To place an order, use the form below or send us a message, but we can also discuss everything over the phone!

You will receive confirmation of your order by email.

You always get an invoice for your purchase, which you can even account for as a business expense!

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